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Sydney is the biggest and oldest city in Australia. It’s the capital from the federate state new-south Wales. There are a lot of touristic attractions in Sydney.  For example: Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.
Sydney Harbour Bridge.

When you are on one of the towers from the The Sydney Harbour Bridge. ("The Old Coathanger") You have the most beautiful view over the city and the harbor.
Sydney Opera House.
The opera house is one of the most oldest buildings in Sydney. The idea to built the Opera house near by the harbor began when Jørn Utzon won the architecture contest in 1955. He had the best Design for the Opera house. He loves sailing, and as you can see on the picture that the roof  looks a bit like sails. Actually there are a lot of performances in the Opera House. Theater, Music and Opera.
Written By Fleur.

In Australia you can find lots of animals like: Whales, kangaroos, crocodiles, penguins and birds. Most animals aren’t living in zoos like here, but they’re all living in the wild. The kangaroo is one of the most recognized animals in Australia. It is native to Australia and an adult male can cover more than 6 meters in one single jump. A baby kangaroo is called a Joey and it’s less than 1 cm when it’s born. Most of the animals are living in the dessert. The reason that there are so many animals in Australia is because of the protection of these animals.
Rare animals

There are also lots of rare animals in Australia like the Bandicoot, leadbeaters possum and the greater billy . Most of them are living in protected areas so they will not die. The sea life is also very well protected and that’s the reason why there are so many extraordinary animals living in ocean like sea dragons, sharks and turtles. Nowadays the kangaroos meat is transported to the Europe but there are still between 15 and 50 million kangaroos living there. When the meat transport continues the kangaroo will soon become rare.

But after all the question is: "will all the Australian animals survive?"
One thing is for sure and that's that it would be a huge shame if all this magnificent and wonderfull animals would die.
Written by Tom

Sydenham, S. & Thomas, R. Australian Endangered Animals [Online] (2002)

Australia wasn’t always filled with English speaking people. In 1606 a Dutch vessel  disembarked Australia. The captain of the vessel (Willem Janszoon) wasn’t flattered by the aggressive natives (the Aboriginals) so he left. In 1770 James cook sails to Australia and claims the eastern shore and names it New-South-Wales. When he returns to England. The government saw it as the solution to get rid of all the prisoners because the jails were full. So the English speaking population aren’t the natives from Australia the Aboriginals were the first men there.

The population
In 1770 the Aboriginal population was about 700.000 people, in the year 1900 90% of the Aboriginals were wiped out. The groups had contact with each other. The Aboriginals were hunters and nomads. They lived in groups of 40 people. Every group had their own piece of land. Ones per year they met, for example when the mots flew out. Then they had their weddings, ritual fighting’s and ceremony’s. now, only a few live the traditional life. Aboriginals didn’t use farming and neither knew what a bow and arrow were. They used the boomerang, that’s a flat piece of wood and when you throw it, it will return to you.

The Aboriginals of today live in the worst places on Australia, because the colonists took all the other land. The last few years the number of aboriginals raised. the life of an Aboriginal is 20 years shorter than a normal Australian person. So when you thought Australian’s were the natives you were totally wrong, from now on you know aboriginals were the first men on Australia.

Written by Jorick



Modern Australia has an unique fashion style that is clearly different from the European fashion lines. Compare to European fashion it has more tailored approach, Australian fashion has more a casual approach. Many of Australia's top designers have been inspired by an extraordinary range of Australian fashion textiles and cultural influences. In turn, Australian creations, such as those by Wayne Cooper, Collette Dinnigan, Akira Isogawa, Lisa Ho, Martin Grant ,Carla Zampatti, Easton Pearson, Michelle Jank and Nicola Finetti are in global demand. Australian fashion shows a funny, creative nation, rich in colors and fresh, effusive style. The three main settings of Australian life are the bush, the cities and the beaches. The country’s principally hot and dry climate, have influenced who Australians are and therefore what they wear. Australian fashion labels are now around the whole world.  Most Australians are comfortable in T-shirts and flip flops. The bold colors of sunny Australian beaches and the strongly contrasting colours of the country’s central desert landscapes are captured in Australia’s fashion palette. And the rigours of the elements in which Australians live have often fixed the choice of cloth used by designers. Colour and fabric have contributed greatly to an Australian sense of fashion, in cut and garment types.       
Written by Bo.



The city
Canberra is the capital of Australia and is located in the southeastern.
Canberra has 356.120 residents, so is Canberra the seventh largest city in the country.
After the second world war made the city a strong growth , so now there are living around the 350.000 people.                                                                   

History of the city
The name Canberra is derived from the word meeting. That is very applicable for the seat of the government and parliament.
Canberra is by the eucalyptus trees very shooting. It’s a good place to relax. The city is known for it’s stylish cafes and nice restaurants.
Because it is not a very old city, are there not many old buildings.
The city was designed in 1911,  the city would actually be a capital. In 1913 they started the construction of the city. In 1927 was Canberra ready.
The original map of Canberra is a large park with many buildings it’s not look a like a real city. It’s a real officials city.

The weather
The city Canberra is higher than the other towns on the coast. Therefore has Canberra more different temperatures. Canberra is also one of the few cities where it could freeze in the winter. The summers in Canberra are round the 25 degrees.

  • The St. John’s Church
  • The Floriade is held each year in the spring. This flower festival will make the north shore of the lake into a sea of ​​color
  • The parliament house
  • The Australia War Memorial
Written by Kimberley.

The second articles:

Article about the summer break in Australia

In Holland summer is in the months June, July, August and September. But in Australia summer begins in December. This is because Australia lays on the southerns hemisphere. So the kids over there have summer break in December and January and in between the semesters of April, July and October.
When to go to Australia?
If you want to go to the North of Australia, the best period is during our winter time. Over there it is 30 degrees during winter time. The outbreak of Australia is the west side and the north territories. Sometimes it's even strongly inaccessible, because it hasn't rain in years and the temperature can reach up to 50 degrees.
If you want to go to the South of Australia you have to go in between September and December, because is it the most comfortable time over there.

What to do in Australia in the summer break?
Because there is no dry season in Australia the Alps are beautiful green. The perfect place to go in your vacation. There are many things to do in the Alps. You can go for the sportive way and go horse riding or mountain biking. But it's also nice to take a walk through the Alps. If you prefer a vacation on the beach, you really have to go to Australia. The beaches are so beautiful, with white sand and palm trees. 
Written by Bo van Ingen.


Sport in Australia

Sport history
Sport in Australia is the main activity of the residents. It’s very popular in Australia. For Australians is sport almost a religion and everyone is fanatically.
Sport in Australia is in the twentieth century a new way to show the rest of the world that Australia is not to be trifled.

Popular sports                               
The most popular sports in Australia are swimming, rugby and Australian Rules Football that’s a mixture by rugby and football. At the coast is surfing very popular.
A another popular sport is cricket. That’s a English sport. This sport is done at a lot of schools. It’s a sport with complicated rules.  

In Australia is sport a big topic. At places where people come together is sport discussed. For example, at work or in pubs.
Australians are interested in many sports, often from one sport are the rules very different. For example, rugby union that’s with 15 players and rugby league that’s played with 13 players.
Famous athletes
Cathy Freeman, she is Aborigine descent. She is specializes in the 400 meters sprint.
Ian Thorpe, he is an swimmer, he won five gold Olympic medals and 11 world titles on the back burner.

Written by Kimberley

Australians and there food


I would like to tell you something about food in Australia and what’s popular and different then food in Europe

One of the most popular thing to do in Australia is probably barbecuing. They call it the Barbie. The Australians don’t let any occasion go. So they do have it everywhere, in the garden, picnic spots and for example at the beach. They made the perfect combination barbecuing and beer.

Bush Tucker
When you are eating Bush tucker you’re actually eating natives food. this is also very popular to eat and it attracts a lot of tourists. There are a lot of different food recourses overall Australia

Breakfast is a lot like it is in other western countries, but there are a lot of things that make it a little bit different. In warmer parts they eat very light and in colder regions a lot heavier. The meal consists toast, fruit, coffee, tea or juice a popular spread is vegemite it’s a little bit bitter.

This meal is the main meal of the day for most Australians. They choose to roast meat en vegetables, pasta, pizza and barbecued meat of course. Cafes and restaurants might offer sandwiches, a range of pasta and salads. Australians eat a lot of meat just like polish people.

As you can see the meal of an Australian is very wide. They eat a lot of different things and a lot of stuff we don’t have. So when you are in Australia you should try to eat some of the local food.

Written by Jorick

Australian sports.

Australians are well known sports people.  The most popular sports in Australia are: cricket, swimming, rugby, surfing and a mixture of rugby and football, called Australian rules football.

Popular sports:
The most popular sport is Cricket, this is a game played between two teams of 11 players, one team bats while the other team is trying to catch the ball and trying to dismiss the batsmen. The “catch team” also has a bowler who’s trying to dismiss the batsmen men by bowling the ball as fast as possible and trying to give the ball a lot of effect.

Besides cricket the Australians also play a lot off rugby and surfing. The circumstances for surfing aren’t ideal, because there are lots of sharks in the ocean so it’s very dangerous especially for the children.

Despite the dangers, watersports are very popular that’s because it’s a real kick to sport between really dangerous animals like: whales and sharks. Popular watersports are: kite boarding, surfing, wind surfing, Kayaking and aqua skiing.

Australia is a country where people practice lots of sports, they are very good in cricket and rugby but they have the most beautiful shore to surf and do other water sports. So when you want to become the best cricket player or surfer you definitely have to go to Australia once in your life!

Written by Tom.
Lisette, spreekbeurt Australië (