Tom interviewed Jorick
Jorick told me he choose Australia because he didn’t really knew a lot about Australia and he’d like to know something more about the natives called the aboriginals. He definitely would go on vacation to Australia because, it’s a very beautiful country with a wonderful sea life where you can find animals like sharks and turtles. The things he knew about Australia were things like it’s a very popular destination for lots of backpackers and most of the land is covered under a layer of sand called a dessert.

Bo interviewed Kimberley.
When I asked why Kimberley picked Australia she said that she wanted to know some more about the country. I thought she was never been there before, well I guessed right Kimberley hasn’t been in Australia before. Also I asked her what she wanted to know about the country. She said that she wanted to know some more about how they live over there. I was curious about what she knows about the counrty alraedy so i asked her. She knows that it’s warm over there and that it looks like a desert.
Fleur interviewed Bo
When I interviewed Bo I asked her why she chose Australia. She said she chose it because she thinks Australia is a lot different in culture, weather and language than Holland. She thinks you can learn a lot from Australia. Bo has never been to Australia but she wants to go there once. She wants to know something about fashion in Australia. What are the trends or who are the famous designers? When I asked Bo what she already knows from Australia she answered this: ‘Australia is a continent and people live far away from each other. When you want to visit the neighbors, sometimes you have to drive a few kilometers to get there. There also big white beaches with palm trees and well.. nothing more. I guess. 
Jorick interviewed Tom
Tom choose Australia for this project, because he has an aunt living there and he find it a very beautiful country. He knows that there are kangaroo’s, that there is a lot of desert, that the natives are aboriginals and that there have been floods last year. He said he would like it very much to go to Australia on vacation, because there are a lot of animals that he would like to see, there is a very beautiful sea with white beaches and it pleases him that it is never cold in Australia. Tom want’s to learn something of the wildlife and something about the Aboriginals in Australia.
Kimberley interviewed Fleur
Fleur told me that she chose Australia because she thinks that there is a lot to tell about Australia. Fleur has been to Australia when she was 5 years old. She visited Sydney and Adelaide. Her family lives there.
I asked her about which topic she wants to know something more. She says this: ‘the seasons are the opposites from here in Holland, I think that’s interesting. You can lie on the beach when it's Christmas. Kind of funny’.
When I asked her what she knows about Australia she says that it’s a big country and it’s a continent.